Do you know your resting and maximum heart rate? How about your dogs heart rate? Let me show you how to find your heart rate and see how fit you and your dog really are.


Why we are walking dogs to stay fit!

2/3 of Americans are overweight and 1 out of 4 dogs are considered obese.

Nutrition plays a big part in staying healthy. The number one disorder in dogs is their nutrition. Do you know what you and your dog’s calorie intake are per day?

Calories burned must exceed calories taken in.

womandogThe more health problems you and your pets have the more time away from your busy schedule due to doctor’s visits.

As with people, dogs also need consent from their doctor to exercise. No pet or human are alike. Our pets need regular, consistent exercise to stimulate the immune system, develop strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and improve digestion, circulation, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Doesn’t that sound like something a trainer would say?!

A large backyard will offer the opportunity for some physical activity but this should not be a substitute for a walk/run. Dogs too like to check p-mail*, bark up a storm with friends, and to show off in their community that they are staying fit! Exercise is beneficial by decreasing the chances of destructive behavior. Keeping your pet in good physical shape means being more satisfied with life indoors.

There are seven days in a week. Most people get 2 days off and try to exercise their dog then. Imagine you doing that to yourself….weekend warrior vs. weekend dog. Pets need to exercise every day!

Say “walk”, “out”, or “leash” to your dog and he/she translates it to “pup-e-cise time!”

As with any exercise program, your dog will start slow until they become accustomed to physical activity.  Simply said, it’s just one paw in front of the other!

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*Like email, dogs smell the scent left by another dog and respond back by leaving p-mail!