Maribeth, owner of pup-e-cise, Capital District pet care provider

Maribeth with Cody and Rocky

What is pup-e-cise?

Capital District pet care with a little extra step!

A professional Capital District pet care service that is passionate for maintaining the care, happiness, health and fitness of pets (and their people). I provide reliable, professional in-home pet sitting in Capital District  and expert dog walking in Capital District where I will walk your dog in your local neighborhood for the purpose of exercising and socializing your pets.

Established in 2009, pup-e-cise provides truly unique pet care in Capital District by putting an extra special focus on your pet’s health, fitness and overall wellness; physical, mental and emotional.

New Capital District pet care clients get a FREE evaluation!

Walking with pup-e-ciseWhat does walking with pup-e-cise do for you and your dog?
  • Customized exercise programs designed for you and your dog
  • Workout with, and teach, your dog (and you) new tricks to stay fit
  • Walk your dog to burn calories, add lean muscle, minimize anxiety, and more!
Worry less with pup-e-ciseLess worry, more happiness!
  • A well exercised dog is a much happier dog; both physically and mentally
  • Depend on pup-e-cise to provide you with peace of mind that your pets are healthy, happy and extra loved in your absence
  • Learn why we're walking to stay fit and read my story to find out how fitness changed my life (and can change yours, too)!
Stay strong with pup-e-ciseSave time and money by staying healthy physically and mentally
  • Reduce health expenses
  • Reduce boredom
  • Exercise will help both you and your dog to sleep better
  • Regular exercise will stimulate your pet's mind